At All Nations

The Cell Ministry has always been the methodology opted by All Nations to fulfill its Mission Statement and also to expedite church growth

The Cell Ministry has many well packaged facets which contributes to its effectiveness They are:

Morning Prayers

The Weekend Retreats

The Classes

The Nets


The mentoring systems through the cell groups


We believe in the power and importance of prayer, so at all the church. of All Nations Full Gospel Churches international (ANFGCI there are two hours of prayer; everyday, from 7:00 am to 9:00 am

This, and also our nightly prayers on Fridays makc us a "house of Prayer", thus fulfilling our Mission Statement #3


There are different types of retreats, namely:

Adult Believers' Retreat

Youth Believers' Retreat

Children's Retreat

Couple's Retreat

Leaders' Retreat

Advanced Retreat

All the retreats, except the Advanced Retreat start on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon. The Advanced Retmat ends on Monday. Our week-end retr.ts, formally known as "encounters" and now known as "Believers' Retreats" are life-changing events which we encourage all members to experience. Participants experience forgiveness of sins, deliverance, healing and prosperity. Participants am also motivated to enhance their relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and also grow in the knowledge of God


Members are expected to attend classes after the Retreats to solidify their gains from the Retreats and also to leam and apply the principles of Christianity so that they may be able witnesses at work, home, society and church

Classes also include leadership training to equip members for servi. as cell leaders and leaders of other ministries in the house of God.


These are homogeneous group meetings. There are:

Men's Net

Women's Net

Youth Net

Net meetings are held quarterly. The main Net meetings are held once a year:

Men's conference

Youth conference

Women's conference


First time visitors are welcomed each Sunday in the board room. They are followed up with a phone call and a home visit. They are then placed in cell groups


The Cells are community based outreach home groups within the church. There are mixed Cells and homogcnous Cells. The Cells aim at ministering to the spiritual, physical and social needs of their members, and also of the community in which the particular cell is. The cells are the main evangelistic arm of ANFGCI


All Nations will serve its members better when they are placed in cells. To join a cell group, you can either call the Pastor at 519-256-9994 or call one of the Cell leaders whose numbers can be found in the weekly bulletin

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